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At App Brahma we strive to create unique and innovative applications. We care deeply to deliver significantly improved product, service or process that creates value for your business

Big Data

No data is big if properly analyzed, structured, designed and stored. We'll help you unlock it's real potential

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We don't just build mobile apps, we'll help you visulaize and build your mobile stragegy

Web Development

Everything we do is responsive, It's practically essential but we strongly believe in content driven design.


Our team has vast consulting experience in product and project management with Agile methedologies


Here is what are we are upto

Why User Engagement Is Important In Every Mobile App

Danika Hawking New Applications are launching practically every day; some see the hype while some disappear. This pop and fizzle is due to the reason that most app publishers forget to include user en[...]

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Stop messing up your SEO and do these things instead

The days of using underhand tactics like hidden text and keyword stuffed title tags to influence search rankings may be rapidly retreating into the mists of time, but as much as search engine optimisa[...]

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How Facebook’s React project is reshaping app development

Facebook engineering has recently produced a powerful suite of loosely coupled tools for software development: React, GraphQL, Relay, React Native, and Flux Architecture. They are ruthlessly pragmat[...]

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