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cancerguard iphone appCancergaurd , iPhone app which aims to help reduce the risk of cancer among minority women through various tools and services like Cancer Guide, Workshops, Publications, Counseling, Events, Support Groups and EHR’s.

Disparities in prevention, early treatment, and final outcomes exist across the spectrum of cancer types and are often amplified in women’s health when we look at breast cancer and gynecologic cancers—primarily cervical, uterine, and ovarian cancer. With over 300,000 new cases combined and 68,000 deaths annually, the impact that these cancers have on the United States cannot be overstated. While the incidence and prevalence of these malignancies is as socially and geographically diverse as our nation, they strike minority and underserved women with a disproportionate lethality caused by many factors, among them:

  • Access to and engagement in comprehensive preventive care services;
  • Referral and access to appropriate treatment centers, including tertiary cancer centers for advanced treatment protocols, especially when there is a need for complex care coordination across medical, surgical, and radiation oncologic teams; and
  • The radical nature of therapy for advanced cases eliminates those without extremely strong social supports.

In particular, the prevention strategies for these cancers cross the gamut of social and technical modalities from radiology (e.g., mammography) to advanced immunotherapy and vaccination (e.g., HPV vaccine). The clinical communities that treat and care for these patients are, likewise, among the broadest group of clinical disciplines that can be aggregated—from primary care and the surgical specialties to some of the most cutting-edge radiation oncology and medical oncology groups. But more importantly, any failure of our healthcare system to adequately prevent one of these cancers is most often a failure to address a myriad of social challenges, from education and access to health literacy and community support.

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